My Sunday Morning Rant

In a past tweet I complained about the resurgence of the doge coin joke

Dogecoin an expensive joke

Frankly at least when it gets to dogecoin investors, like the GME ones, they know it’s nonsense so the “nonsenseness” is already priced (I hope) so people have no one to blame but themselves.

For the second star of early May 2021, Ethereum, things are less straightforward since unlike Doge, Ethereum is being developed by many smart people, researchers, enthusiasts, which dedicate their lives into making it a scalable product, and unlike Doge it is being used as a platform for many…

Are you really sure about locking billions of $ in a contract?

April 19th, 2015 was supposed to be a normal day, I checked my messages before heading to work and my heart skipped a beat, here it was Blue on Gray the message that any blockchain developer fears “Nxt crashed. Generating just empty blocks and no transaction gets included… can somebody help?”

I frantically logged into my remote node just to see the node stuck and the log file ends with an ominous-looking message:

“SEVERE: Nxt.Account$DoubleSpendingException”

Back at the time I was a relatively novice blockchain developer. I started coding for Nxt as a hobby around August 2014, and I mostly…

Let me start with a bit of a retrospective on the wonderful journey we had at Jelurida for the last 3 years starting from the Ardor mainnet launch.

As you know, our business plan and vision around Ardor is to create a single chain “to secure them all” as the consensus layer with many child chains serving as the decentralized application layer.

Learning from our vast experience with the Nxt project decentralized asset exchange, which while hosting some decent projects, served mostly as a launchpad for failed or scam projects, we decided that child chains will be created only by…

as indicator to a blockchain project success

Ardor Coinmarketcap Ranking April 18, 2020

This week Ardor dropped out of the top 100 projects on CMC for the first time since I can remember. Except for my bruised ego, what does it mean for the project?

Let’s put it upfront, the CMC ranking is important, the higher you are in the ranking, the better your chances of getting listed by some services, being chosen as the selected platform by new projects, getting mentioned by publications, satisfy whoever bought your token and in general taken seriously in the blockchain industry.

Why we dropped below 100? …

The cryptography behind the Ardor HD wallet implementation

We at the Jelurida R&D lab wanted to implement HD wallet for Ardor for a long time. However, for a while, we were missing the basic building blocks and the knowledge necessary to develop this feature. Especially since we wanted to make sure not to “role our own cryptography” as is commonly advised. Instead we were looking to reuse prior work as much as possible and rely on existing standards.

More specifically, our problem was that the BIP32 standard for HD wallets used by Bitcoin and Ethereum is tightly coupled to the properties of the Secp256k1 elliptic curve, but Ardor…

Derive multiple account addresses from a single seed

Anyone who is already familiar with Bitcoin wallets, be it hardware or software, knows that the first step in initializing a wallet involves the creation of a seed of 12 to 24 random words (also called mnemonic). In most cases the mnemonic is created based on a standard dictionary defined by Bitcoin’s Bip39. Later on, the wallet magically derives multiple Bitcoin addresses from the same seed without asking for further secret information from the user. This is implemented using a key derivation mechanism defined by Bip32 based on a unique per coin/type/account tree structure defined by Bip44. Furthermore, a lost…

After a busy month during November where the Jelurida team attended the Singapore fintech week, The Capital and Blockshow conferences and many more, followed by a workshop with Casino Austria International, where we explored together blockchain applications for the gambling industry, I would like to share some of my observations about Jelurida/Ardor/Ignis/Nxt and life in general.

Let’s start with a few observations:

  1. In Singapore last month, I saw that people know about us, but they do not consider us a major player.
  2. Compared to most 2017 ICOs that raised modest funding, we are doing better than 90% of them…

Scaling Bitcoin Conference — Tel Aviv 2019

I attended “The Bitcoin Edge” conference followed by “Scaling Bitcoin” this week. This was my first time attending a bitcoin developers conference. As you probably are aware, I’m very interested in blockchain scaling and privacy solutions. The purpose of spending four full days in these conferences was to learn about new ideas trending in the industry and perhaps implementing some of the best in my own projects, Ardor, Ignis, and Nxt, in the future.

The sessions at the conferences were a strange mix of technology reviews, half-baked scaling ideas, a lot of privacy discussions, a lot of lightning network discussions…

Traditional Internet Privacy vs. Blockchain based Privacy

Privacy over the internet, Markus Spiske, unsplash

Our current definition of privacy over the internet when submitting information to a shopping, banking or insurance website goes something like this:

Submitted data is private in the sense that my aunt, my boss, my neighbor, the competitor of the website, and most ordinary people cannot easily access it.

However, this same data is of course visible to the website I’m dealing with, hence to some of its employees and contractors, to government agencies this website reports to, and possibly to my internet provider, to law enforcement agencies eavesdropping the communication, to any hacker who is able to access it…

Update: the new website is now live

This coming Monday, August 19, 2019, we are going to launch the new website. This represents a major milestone for Jelurida in our quest to enter the corporate world and become a major brand in the blockchain space.

The new site cleanly separates information about the company, Jelurida, and our three, open source blockchain brands Ardor, Ignis, and Nxt. It clearly explains the utility of each brand in simple terms as well as how our corporate business services add value to these brands. …

Lior Yaffe

Co-Founder and Managing Director of Jelurida. Ardor and Nxt core-developer

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