Ardor Child Chain Listing Process Explained

Lior Yaffe
2 min readFeb 19, 2018

Ardor has been running in production now for a month and half. It is the first operational multi-chain (also called parent-child) architecture which provides a solution to blockchain bloat as well as a token per application design.
The main offering of Ardor is its ability for businesses to use their own light weight child chain with its own token, and support for zero-fee transactions, fully secured by the Ardor parent chain. It also allows Blockchain applications to launch without the need to buy and maintain hardware and software as the Blockchain node network already exists for use.
Jelurida is flooded with child chain application requests for various purposes, therefore I would like to clarify what the requirements are for new child chain projects, and what services Jelurida will and won’t deliver.
In general, Jelurida would like every child chain to represent a sustainable use case. We would like child chains to strive and prosper on the Ardor platform and also bring value back into Ardor, a win win situation. The process described below is aimed to achieve this.

You can apply for a child chain by sending an email to, we may introduce a more structured application process in the future but for now this will do. Explain your high level use case and who you are.

Once your “application” is processed and your use case is discussed, we will require you to sign the following documents with Jelurida:

  1. Standard NDA
  2. Child Chain Agreement - detailing each side liabilities and commitments. We will check and understand what you are doing, provide guidance and warn against possible pitfalls.
  3. Commercial Agreement - detailing the payment we charge for child chain creation, any child chain specific features and the services and support around it.

These documents represent confidential commercial information.

Once these documents are signed and processed, Jelurida will provide a due date for your child chain creation. Currently child chain creation requires a hard fork, therefore we will need a lead time of 4–6 weeks to create it after the technical features and token distribution are agreed upon and implemented.

Once your child chain is operational, Jelurida will support the core blockchain and make sure your child chain works according to the specifications. Jelurida will provide consulting services as agreed in the commercial agreement. Any client side features you develop, will remain under your responsibility.

Jelurida can join a press release and possibly other promotion plans with the child chain creator. Jelurida can also help exchanges with the technical implementation of the child chain token.

However, Jelurida or individual members of its team will not:

  1. Get listed as advisers in your Whitepaper
  2. Promise to get your child chain token listed on exchanges other than the Ardor internal coin exchange
  3. Receive your new child chain token as a payment

Feel free to post questions and comments in response to this article.



Lior Yaffe

Co-Founder and Managing Director of Jelurida. Ardor and Nxt core-developer