Ardor Launch — Update #3

Looking for New Child Chains

Lior Yaffe
3 min readJan 20, 2018


The first couple of weeks after the launch where dedicated to stabilization of the chain itself. This week the focus shifted into making Ardor and it’s child chain easier to work with. It’s becoming crystal clear now that one of the most powerful features of Ardor is the ability to submit child chain transactions with 0 fee. In the next release we will introduce a new type of custom bundler based on account properties which will allow a single bundler to bundle (possibly 0 fee transactions) submitted by multiple other accounts. This feature will also be used by Ardorgate in their AEUR chain which will provide the bridge between the Ardor ecosystem and the Euro.

On the Nxt front, we were able to finally track and fix several key problems which attributed to slow download and high GPU consumption of the desktop wallet during blockchain download and in general. We also added more diagnostic measures to help track this type of illusive problems easier in the future.

We are on boarding new child chains

Before, during and after the launch of Ardor we were approached by many teams about creating a new child chain for their project, now that Ardor is launched and stable, we are starting to put more time and effort into on boarding new projects. To make sure we only introduce high quality projects, we would like each child chain to represent a real business with a clear use case and revenue model. Therefore, child chain creators will sign a Terms & Conditions document with Jelurida and pay a listing fee. This is something that has never been done before in the cryptosphere and we are building this process on the go so be patient with us.

CRM and Support systems

To manage the sales cycle of new child chains and handle private chain leads, we are also kick-starting a new CRM system which will integrate with our existing support system. Our support system has now handled more than 2000 tickets in 20 days. At this time I would like to thank all of our dedicated support engineers which are working day and night to resolve user tickets. Based on your existing support tickets we are building an up to date knowledge base which will gradually replace less up to date information sources. Users, we invite you to review these articles before creating a new support ticket.


As discussed before, exchanges move at their own pace and we have very little influence on this. During last week, Bittrex has re-enabled the ARDR-BTC pair, AEX enabled deposits and withdrawals for IGNIS and enabled both ARDR and IGNIS trading pairs, in addition ChangeNow, a new market maker, which already supports NXT, has announced plans to support ARDR and IGNIS. I expect to see more exchanges distribute their IGNIS to their users during the next couple of weeks. Any exchange which needs help with this process is welcome to contact us at

To summarize, looking forward for another productive week and working hard on putting this wonderful Blockchain platform into solving real life problems.



Lior Yaffe

Co-Founder and Managing Director of Jelurida. Ardor and Nxt core-developer