Crypto Marketing

  1. In Singapore last month, I saw that people know about us, but they do not consider us a major player.
  2. Compared to most 2017 ICOs that raised modest funding, we are doing better than 90% of them. Many of the players that are doing better than us are typically better funded and/or backed by some powerful influencers (cryptography professors, financial advisers, crypto evangelists)
  3. Businesses are somewhat reluctant to build on our tech and integrate with us. And even if they do they try to charge us premium for this.
  4. We are doing much better marketing-wise than we used to with improvements to the website, conference schedules, weekly wins, monthly news-letters, press releases, and event videos.

So why are people not using our tech?

What it means for us as the Ardor/Ignis/Nxt community?

  1. If you have to complain, do it less publicly and focus on the positive. I know you may think that some things can be done better and that the folks at Jelurida should spend their money on this or that, or maybe you lost money on our tokens, or maybe you just had a bad day at work or your spouse pissed you off. Remember, posting negative messages in public forums and social networks, even if you have good intentions, creates negative sentiment about our projects and directly reduces our chances of success. It’s a prophecy that fulfills itself. Don’t do that!
  2. Do share your ideas and criticism privately with Jelurida staff and community leaders. We will do our best to follow up on your feedback. Everyone who tried to approach me on slack, email, telegram, linkedin, and twitter knows that I’m doing my best to respond to everyone in the most respectful and honest way.
  3. Learn from our great contributors. I don’t want to mention names so that I won’t miss one of our many loyal supporters! Engage smartly and positively on all social networks to support us. It will cost you nothing but your time. Make the team aware in case you need some backing or identify an opportunity.



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Lior Yaffe

Lior Yaffe


Co-Founder and Managing Director of Jelurida. Ardor and Nxt core-developer