IGNIS Token Sale round #2

On August 26th we start the 2nd round of the IGNIS token sale. See below some important practical information.

Safety Considerations

  1. The only official source of information is the Jelurida web site.
  2. When creating a new account, do not forget your 12 words passphrase, if you do, you’ll lose you NXT.
  3. The only way to buy the JLRDA token, which represents your IGNIS holdings, is using the “IGNIS Token Sale” link from the wallet dashboard header. Do not buy any other currencies, assets or goods. These are possibly scam entities which would cause you to lose your NXT.
  4. There is no pre-sale whatsoever.

How to Participate

Assuming there is a large demand for the tokens, your best chance of buying is by using scheduled transactions. To use scheduled transactions, setup a full node and submit your buy order before Jelurida publishes its sell offer. Use the “Scheduled Transactions” page under the cogwheel menu to view and manage your scheduled transactions.

When connecting to a remote node, you must obtain the admin password of the remote node (this is not your account passphrase)

Transactions has deadline of 1440 blocks, therefore do not submit your scheduled transactions more than 1440 blocks (24 hours) in advance.

The Jelurida sell offer will be submitted with a fee of 5 NXT. If
more transactions than what can fit in a single block are submitted with
higher fee, the Jelurida transaction will be postponed to the next
block, and none of these high fee transactions will match it.

Co-Founder and Managing Director of Jelurida. Ardor and Nxt core-developer

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